“Life is about grace, adapting to change, perseverance, and compassion in the face of life’s challenges.” Rob Hunt – Host & Founder

The Who and Why of Brain Werx:

The “why” first. I am living with Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, and several other medical conditions. Almost all of the issues resulted in radical life changes. I am blessed with an incredible family and excellent medical care. Michelle, my wife, is amazing. She handled the roles of Navy wife and Mom with grace, compassion, and perseverance. The care team at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, Nevada is fantastic. In the years since 2013, I have experienced medical care spanning a spectrum from the horrific and absurd to world-class. My goals are to share my experience, observations, and provide resources and information to people who are living with Parkinson’s or any other medical condition that is life-altering. I believe caring for caregivers, families, and friends is crucial as well.

A short bit about the “who.” I’ve either been in the armed forces, in school, or both. I enlisted in the Air Force right out of High School at seventeen. After four years I left the active Air Force and finished my Bachelor’s in Speech Communication. I met Michelle at College and we were married by the time I started law school at Florida State University. I also received a commission as an officer in the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. After graduating from law school, my family and I spent the following decades traipsing around the globe until my retirement from the Navy in 2006. I found myself back with the Air Force as a civilian attorney until retirement in 2015. Although I went back to work after my traumatic brain injury in 2013, the stroke in early 2014 kept me in the hospital and rehab for months. The months following when I tried to live and work as I had before the stroke were the worst months of my life. My point of view from a wheelchair’s height couldn’t be ignored. Thus began my journey in adapting to change. We’re back to the why. I hope to help you with your journey.

Rob is also a Community Advocate, Contributor, and Moderator for ParkinsonsDisease.net.

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